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Friday, June 3, 2011


Summertime weather is here! And we all know what that means; Yes, it's the Rainy Season in the Tropics! While for our visitors this is a bit of a concern, for us residents & plants, it is a welcome relief from the dusty, dry season!

Hopefully I can put to rest some of those 'rain concerns' and let our visitors know more of what to expect during the rainy season. From late May until mid-November we can expect to have a morning of rain showers and sun in the afternoon - or - a sunny morning with showers in the late afternoon or evening. Rarely does anything 'hang around' all day making for a dismal, dreary day... don't expect that.

Actually, I enjoy watching the rain clouds/ showers form and move across the water. These systems move through very quickly and in fact, while it is raining on the beach, George Town, East End, Rum Point can be dry and sunny - a good time to hop in the car and 'follow the sun'.

The rainiest months of the rainy season are from mid-August through October and typically these months do have more tropical storms in the Western Caribbean / Cayman Islands. Please note: We have quite a bit of advance warning for storms headed our way, rest assured we keep a close eye on that activity and do keep our Summer/ Fall visitors updated on the latest storm weather reports.You may keep an eye on the Cayman weather: Just be very mindful that the weather can change minute by minute! Rain could be in the forecast one day but because of an unexpected, slight wind change... those rain clouds could be blown in another direction! So, just wait 5 minutes and all could be sunny & bright!

Here are some Grand Cayman Rainy Day suggestions:

Go Shopping !! Camana Bay: The shops in George Town, across the street from BC is The Strand shopping Plaza. Do make a point of stopping by Pure Art Gift Shop a fun shop to explore, rain or shine!
Go to The Spa !! Just across the street from BC: DaVinci Wellness Centre also across the street Touch of Thai a short walk up the beach to The Ritz Silver Rain Spa. All great choices!
Head to West Bay and check out the Car Museum afterwards you can go across the street for lunch at the Cracked Conch restaurant.
Head to George Town to see the National Museum and the National Gallery
OR - Pick up a great book, a cool tropical drink and curl up on a lounge chair on your Beachcomber patio. Break out a challenging jigsaw puzzle, get a card game going or pop in a DVD rented from the local Block Buster. Here are some other suggestions:
Go Diving! You're wet anyway !

If there is a pending shower during your Cayman/ Beachcomber visit, please pop in the office and pick up one of the nice big blue golf umbrellas we provide for our guests - or - one of the smaller portable umbrellas to carry 'just in case'.

We can't change the weather... but we can always have a 'rain plan' and still have fun at the beach !

See You Soon !