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Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's time to get out of the warm, crystal clear water and get ready for the next most popular Beachcomber activity... SUNSET GAZING ! Beachcomber owners and guests have the best seat in the house for the magnificent nightly show ! Just when you think you have seen the most spectacular sight on the horizon... here comes another more vibrant one the very next night.

And now that we are in the cooler, breezier winter months and the atmosphere is a little clearer, you will have a greater chance of seeing the elusive Green Flash appear just as the last bit of sun dips below the horizon! Look carefully because it IS literally an instant 'flash'.

At this time of the year the sun sets right around 6:00 PM (Cayman is on Eastern Standard Time). So start positioning either on a beach lounge chair or up on the villa patio about half an hour before setting time. Have your camera 'at the ready' and tropical drink in hand, sit back and enjoy! Do feel free to applaud after the show, it just comes naturally to show appreciation to God's glory in the sky!

The most amazing sunset photos have a scattering of clouds and some sort of foreground element (palm tree, boats, people,etc)to add interest. It is always hard to gauge a good vs dud sunset - you just need to be ready half an hour before the set time and watch the colors change. Experiment with different angles and compositions.

For the best color in your photos: if your camera has an 'adjust for color saturation', increase it so colors are more vibrant. If no color saturation adjustment on the camera then open the photo editing program on your computer and increase color saturation there.
Although, the photos pictured here - have NOT been adjusted!! That's the real color!

Try different camera settings: 'clouds' setting will make the sunset colors more orange. Shutter speeds and aperture settings won't really give the sunset more color... it has more to do with the white balance & color saturation. Just be ready to take the photo because the colors change and vanish quickly.

Whoa! Look at the time... grabbing my spritzer...

See you on the Beach !