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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Home is where you plant your Beach Umbrella!

Welcome to your island, ‘Home Away from Home’! Beachcomber condos provide everything you need to have a relaxing beach holiday.

Time to grab that big yellow and white beach towel and head down to the beach. Once there you will find plenty of 12’ beach umbrellas (they are movable too) over 100 beach lounge chairs available, 2 spacious 10’ X 12’ thatched huts or choose nature’s own; a gently swaying palm tree, to relax under.

Just a reminder – Grand Cayman is just 20 degrees North of the Equator, so, the concentration of ultraviolet & other rays from the sun is more intense. Without sunscreen, visitors can get a bad sunburn in a very short time. Just make sure to apply sunscreen before you hit the beach – don’t forget those hard to reach areas: ears, back of neck, backs of legs, top of the feet, all of the back (sprays are best for this).

When snorkeling or floating in the sea/pool, the cool water has a magnifying effect and swimmers don’t feel the heat, until back on shore! Snorkeling with a tee-shirt on is helpful. Reapply sunscreen after being in the water. Try to go easy for the first few days, go out early am and late pm. You don’t want to spoil a wonderful island holiday with a bad sunburn!

See you on the Beach!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting to The Beachcomber - Seven Mile Beach

Okay… You’ve confirmed your reservations for your stay at The Beachcomber! Now it’s time to arrange for flights. You have a choice of airlines to choose from:
Cayman Airways – American Airways – US Airways – Continental Airways – Delta Airways – Air Canada – British Airways –
For any and all information about Grand Cayman’s Owen Roberts International Airport, visit:

Remember: ALL visitors (infants too) must have a valid passport when traveling to Grand Cayman.

During your flight you will be given 2 forms to fill out before arrival: One form for Customs and one for Immigration. The Immigration form asks for the address of the place you will be staying: The Beachcomber – 933 West Bay Road – Seven Mile Beach.

Before you know it your plane will be making the abrupt landing on Grand Cayman. Yes, the pilots do make good use of the airplane’s brakes! It’s a fairly short runway, so expect to use your foot to assist the pilot in coming to a stop!

You’ll go through the Immigration line, collect your luggage, go through the Customs line and then exit the small terminal. Typically it takes about an hour to complete the airport arrival process – From exiting the plane to arrival at Beachcomber! You’re almost to the beach!

If you are taking a cab to The Beachcomber – there is a Taxi dispatcher located right outside the terminal as you exit. The dispatcher will get your taxi and give you a ticket stating the fare to Beachcomber. The fares are a standard, set rate. To Beachcomber:
1 – 3 riders – US$ 22.50 4 – riders – US$ 30.00 6 riders – US$ 45.00 the fare includes 2 pieces of luggage per person. If there is more luggage, the fare increases. All cabs are large vans, so there is plenty of space for a party of 6. You are now just 10 – 15 minutes away from the beach!

Some guests have arranged for a rental car at the airport location. If that is the case, you will need to walk out the terminal, then walk to the left – past the departure area – about 100 yards across the street from the terminal. This process will take a little longer… I always suggest to first time guests to just hop in the waiting cab and get to The Beachcomber as quick as possible. You can always arrange for a rental car once you are settled in at Beachcomber. All car rental agencies offer free pick up from the condos.
Remember, the Cayman Islands are a British Territory and we Drive on the Left ! It can be a little disconcerting when trying to keep to the left and follow the map to Beachcomber! I say leave the driving to a native cabbie! They are always so friendly and chatty, you will get lots of local tips from them as well as making a friend for life!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Condominium VS Hotel Room on Seven Mile Beach

Are you looking for the most comfortable, ‘all the conveniences of home’ plus the fabulous ocean front views, for your island holiday? Then a condominium rental is for you, more specifically, The Beachcomber, is for you!

The Beachcomber is a condominium complex, offering 40 individually owned luxury, all oceanfront, apartments or villas. Of the 40 apartments, 23 of the owners have made their island homes available to the vacationing public – Lucky for You! The Beachcomber management team is onsite 24 hours to take care of reservations and upkeep of the apartments.

Many of our vacationing guests have started out a Cayman visit by staying in a local beachfront hotel, only to find out, while walking the beach, that a fully equipped, luxury apartment is available to rent for the price of just one hotel room ! 2 -3 – 4 couples can share one apartment rather than renting 2 – 3 – 4 hotel rooms. Plus, there is the added bonus of having a fully equipped kitchen and full bathroom for each bedroom. So much more cost effective.

Once you have enjoyed the added space and amenities offered at The Beachcomber, you will be hooked! Who knows, once you see and experience the benefits of owning an island home, you too can enjoy the investment income as well as being able to get away to your very own piece of paradise, whenever you want. It has already happened to one very happy recent visitor, turned, Beachcomber Owner!

There are just a few apartments still available for sale. For more complete information on owning a piece of paradise, contact Mr. Douglas Sell at 345-916-0271 – Email: Doug is an exclusive sales person for The Beachcomber. He can also be found at his Cayman Island Properties office, located just across the street from Beachcomber.

We will be posting more information on The Beachcomber, Vacationing on Grand Cayman, Things to do, Upcoming events. We look forward to your comments and suggestions for future posts. The next blog will be all about Getting Here!
We want to Stay in Touch, or better yet,
See you the on Beach!