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Thursday, February 24, 2011


While we are 'all about' the best beach, sea, snorkeling/diving, sunsets... Beachcomber offers owners and guests a few other amenities that add to the vacation/island living experience.

A favorite feature of mine is Beachcomber's underground parking. If you have ever lived in a hot climate and had to open your car door to a wave of heat and gingerly touch an interior that has been baking for hours... you will understand the joy of parking underground! The 2 elevators both open into the garage for easy access to the villas &
keep the cars cool & secure.

Next up... and what seems to be the favorite pastime for most men at Beachcomber, is beachside Grilling! There are 4 Weber Gas grills located on the beach for guest's use and from the many comments from our guests, they are a huge hit when staying at Beachcomber.

You cannot beat buying fresh fish from the local fishermen in George Town or from Foster's Food Fair fresh fish selection (located just across the street)then adding a little seasoning, wrap in foil and grill for 15 - 20 minutes-mmmmmm just the best!
Even hotdogs and hamburgers taste better right off the grill. Now add that to the most amazing Caribbean location for seaside dining and you have the perfect island experience!

After all that fine dining and lounging on the beach, guests may want to check out Beachcomber's Fitness Centre. Located on the 2nd level on the South Side of the building,the gym is open at 5:00 AM daily, a beautiful time to start your day, working out while watching a beautiful sunrise. If 5:00 AM is too early to start, not to worry, the gym is
open until 10:00 PM daily.
In addition to the Precor fitness machines/free weights, Towels, Water, Flat screen TV and Bathroom are available for guests. The machines/gym are cleaned & fresh towels provided, daily. Guests must be over age 18 to use the fitness centre.

Whatever your choice of beachtime / leisure activity, I am sure you will find plenty to fill up your day here at Beachcomber, Seven Mile Beach!
See you on the Beach!